Alternate installation solution?

I’m currently running Fedora Core 5 on a 1.4 GHz Pentium processor. I’ve been looking at Ardour and being a musician, I’m very interested in using Ardour, and looking at the installation instructions, it looks like using the Planet CCRMA kernel is the way to go…but there is none for Core 5! Core 4 is in dev, so Core 5 looks a long way off. I don’t really want to downgrade my installation just to run Ardour, so I was wondering how much of a performance penalty I would get from running ardour (or if I can even run it at all!) Will my hardware make up for it?

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (nando), the maintainer/resident deity of Planet CCRMA, is quickly making progress on FC5 low-latency kernels and packages. Planet CCRMA has a very active and informative mailing list, and I would highly recommend checking out the following URL for mailing list archives and subscription information:

Ardour 1 and 2 both run very well on CCRMA’s FC4, and I can’t see any reason why they won’t run as well or even better on CCRMA’s FC5 once it’s out of the oven. Good luck!