Altering hardware effects unit settings via automation


After a long break I’m taking up recording again, in the past I used Cubase VST 6 (a long time ago) but am now a Linux user so am trying out some of the available options for Linux users with my main options being Ardour or Rosegarden (I much prefer the look and feel of Ardour).

I have a Behringer DSP1000P effects processor on the send/return buss of my mixer which has MIDI capability and plan to create an automation track to control the hardware effects unit. What I’m after doing is when a track is played the MIDI is sent to the digital piano and MIDI data is sent to the effects processor to alter parameters or change the selected effects.

Is this possible in Ardour 4 as I’m struggling to find the information I require?

From what I’ve discovered, it has something to do with Sysex, but from there I’m lost.

Short answer is, it depends. If your system depends on SysEx to control it, then the other short answer is most likely not. Most processors do not depend on SysEx to control them however.


Looking at an online version of the manual, it looks like it receives controller messages on cc’s 20-30 as well as bank and program changes… Ardour should be able to deal with this pretty easily.