also can't get ardour to launch

Ok here is what the console says:

/Volumes/Ardour-2.0/ line 17: open-x11: command not found
2007-05-03 14:40:03.372 open[472] Couldn’t open file: /tmp/501/TemporaryItems/

I did install x 11 and I am running jack pilot. I have an intel Mac book duo core. I have osX 10.4.9

What am I doing wrong?

/Volumes/Ardour-2.0/ line 17: open-x11: command not found

this sounds a lot like “X11 is not installed”. how did you install X11? does Applications -> Utilities -> X11 exist? What happens if you try to start that by itself?

Hey thanks for answering. Yeah, I can’t seem to get x 11 to work. I re-installed it but I don’t see it in applications>utillities. There is an x 11 folder that I can locate with find but it can’t see how to get it to run.

how did you install it? from disc? from online? using what tool?
i suspect you installed the X11 SDK, not X11 itself. for some reason, quite a few people seem to have problems distinguishing the two.

To install X11 on Tiger you need to look on the install DVD and find the ‘Optional Installs’ package, run it, then when it comes to the ‘Custom Installs’ page on the installer
you will see a list of programs which you can choose to install. X11 is under the menu ‘Applications’, but you won’t see it until you expand that menu. Check the box next to X11 (leave all others unchecked) and then run the installer. That should give you a working copy (or update) of X11.

That should help, if as Paul suggests, you have been trying to install the X11SDK package (which for some reason is the only file marked ‘X11’ that Apple has put on the DVD).

I too was experiencing X11 woes until I found some pertinent answers online. I first followed instructions to remove X11 from my system at the following site:

(I used the second simpler set of Terminal commands)

I then used the “Optional Install” procedure mentioned above to reinstall X11 and voila…Ardour is installed and looks quite impressive!

OK! Thanks for your help everyone. I finally got it to launch. The walk through was very helpful. I didn’t have to un-install and the reinstall x 11. I was making the mistake of installing x 11 sdk.

Got it going and so far it looks pretty cool.