ALSA mode

Your screenshot shows JACK running. You cannot use the same device with JACK and Ardour if Ardour is using the ALSA backend. Either stop JACK, or tell Ardour to use JACK as well.

Thanks. But then how to connect midi controller to ardour using Alsa Window or another window in QJacktl?
If I use Ardour without QJacktl I can not using qtklick (external metronom), screenrecorder, etc…

You can make all those connections in Ardour from Window > MIDI Connections

You can do this whether you use the ALSA backend or the JACK backend in Ardour.

Unfortunately I did not get.
Start Ardour then start qtklick and in the end I get the error

Sorry for my English and sorry for my stupid questions.
Now re-read the Ardour and the JACK guide
and not fully understand how to connect qtklick to Ardour.
Built-in metronome I also like but sometimes I need to work out with the performance before recording.

I am confused.
Why in this video (Watch in 1:51 min)
Ardour connect to midi controler through Jack through QJacktl like alsa input port??

Qjackctl is used to control JACK. You don’t use it if you’re using the ALSA backend. I don’t think you should even have JACK running if you’re trying to run Ardour with the ALSA backend. Make the connections from within Ardour as Paul says. Anyway you would be better off to use JACK rather than ALSA and you could follow those tutorials. Using JACK offers you much more flexibility.

Ardour has support (on LInux) for (at least) 2 backends:

  • JACK
  • ALSA

If you use the ALSA backend, then (1) you cannot use JACK or any other audio software with the audio interface (“soundcard”) that you tell Ardour to use (2) you cannot use JACK with Ardour (3) all connections must be made inside Ardour own dialogs for this purpose (Window > Audio Connections & Window > MIDI Connections).

If you use the JACK backend, then you have a choice about (1) where to start JACK (before ardour; from ardour itself) (2) how to make connections (a jack control app (e.g. qjackctl)) or from Ardour’s own dialogs for this purpose.

You get to choose which backend you want to use. But you cannot use both the ALSA backend and JACK with Ardour - you must choose one or the other.

Could you give me step by step instructions how to connect qtklick (or sinplescreenrecorder or anything) from within Ardour?
Because I’m confused.
So sorry to distract from the creation of the fifth version.

Windows > MIDI Connections

Click on the left side “Source” tab for “Other”.
Click on the bottom “Destination” tab for “Ardour Tracks”

Now click in the appropriate cell(s) to connect Qtklick to whatever you want.

This description assumes you’re trying to connect MIDI. For Audio, just use Window > Audio Connections and then do the same thing.