ALSA Driver Issues

Okay so this is the history of my problems.

I am new to Linux and to Ardour, so bear with me my ignorance.

So I install Jack and Ardour, Ardour runs great. I don’t have any recording interfaces yet, so I rip a song from one of my CDs (Sgt Pepper’s Reprise) as a 22.5 khz wave file. I try and import this into Ardour but it won’t work.

I figure out that I change the session’s sampling rate through Jack, so I install the GUI tool thingie, and learn that it natives to 44.1 khz. Knowing this, I go into the ripper and reconfigure it to rip 44.1 khz wave files instead, which I do.

So everything is dandy, I can import the wave into Ardour no questions. However, I have another problem now. As soon as I opened Jack Tools I ran into a mess of problems. It can no longer connect to the Jack Server. Curious, I go into the options and fiddle with some settings, and change one setting from ALSA to OSS. So now Jack will connect, thus allowing Ardour to start up, allowing me to do everything I have done. However, I cannot get any sound whatsoever, where I could before I got the Jack Tools.

So I’m figuring something is wrong with ALSA. The message box gives me no help on what to do. Any ideas?

I have Ubuntu 6.10.

Without any real info, there’s not much anybody can tell you.

First, you could begin by starting jack with qjackctl and then start Ardour.

With Alsa, what sound device (make and model) are you using? What is jack set to use for it’s record and playback devices? Is it something like hw:0?

I fixed the problem. I fiddled with some settings that messed up the initialization.

But now I have no sound :frowning: