Alsa bridge a2jmidid -e

Hi, when trying to check the bridge in a terminal with “a2jmidid -e” i get:
ERROR: a2j_jack_client_create: Cannot create jack client
ERROR: a2j_start: a2j_new() failed.

I get this error code on the 3 computers I use. Is this normal?


Am no expert in this, but I run /usr/bin/a2jmidid -e & in Jack, Setup - Options - Execute script after Startup.
I can then check the box to run it, or uncheck it to run Jack without it…

Hope that helps…

That actually would be in QJackControl, a graphical application to help with starting JACK.

You need to make sure jackd is running before starting a2jmidid, have you verified that?
Maybe go back one step and explain what you are trying to accomplish? For a2jmidid to be the answer, the question should be that you are trying to connect ALSA MIDI devices into a jack routing graph, you already have jackd and jack aware applications running, you just need to get the ALSA MIDI data into the jack graph. If you are trying to do something else then a2jmidid is probably not the answer.

Thanks guys,
jack was indeed not running.