ALSA aliases for MIDI devices?

I have two AMT8 MIDI interfaces. Reading their default names can be a bit tedious, because between the two of them, they produce a total of 18 ports, all with very similar names. Can I use aliases in .asoundrc to change these port names, or at least change the card names?

Ideally want to:
Change Unitor8 MIDI 6 (In) to Supernova (In)
Change Unitor8 MIDI 7 (In) to DX7 (In)
Change Unitor8 MIDI 7 (2) (In) to MoPho (In)

Which would make it easier to distinguish between two ports with the same names on two different AMT8s.

If not:
Change Unitor8 MIDI 6 (In) to AMT8-Front MIDI 6 (In)
Change Unitor8 MIDI 6 (2) (In) to AMT8-Rear MIDI 6 (In)

I’ve been looking for/at info on ALSA aliases, but I’m not sure how to try to make it work for these two particular devices.

And if this can be done, will it all show up in Ardour’s MIDI Connection Manager?

For the input ports, you can set “pretty names” aliases.

This can be done on the Recoder Page in the input meter section at the bottom:

After that, the custom name is used everywhere (mixer window I/O buttons etc), and remembered as user-preference (saved in ~/.config/ardour7/port_metadata).

So far there is no GUI to also change the output port name.

That helps a lot. Thank you. Since the list of names is the same in the X and Y directions, I can at least go down the corresponding entry to know “this is the output for the DX7” and not have to refer to my setup spreadsheet as much.


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