Alphanumeric Keyboard control

Just some early ideas. Needs to be evaluated in relation to mouse control.

Edit-Cursor marks V/H location and octave
3 part selection: On, Note, Off. If Edit-Cursor is above Note, Note is selected. From On and Off the closest point is selected.

Always auto-select closest note if no selection exists otherwise?
Resolve overlapping by subdividing rows?

h2. Navigation

  • Setting V-Loc absolute: Shift-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, with # as toggle
  • Setting V-Loc relative: Cursor-keys Up/Down for step up/down
  • Moving horizontaly: Cursor-keys Left/Right
    ** Ctrl for bigger steps
    ** Alt for fractions
    ** Shift for selection span

h2. Add Notes

  • Add_note at current position: Enter
  • Add_note: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, with # as toggle. Fills selection or default Duration if no selection. Set Selected notes Velocity: just type numbers. On or Off depends on selection

h2. Edit Notes

  • Move: Ctrl-’-’/’+’
  • Transpose: Ctrl-Cursor-keys Up/Down
  • Copy/Cut result in overlay attached to edit cursor …

h2. Set Defaults

  • Duration: d (if not bound to snap-grid)
  • Velocity_on: n
  • Velocity_off: f