Alpha release on OS X

I run OS X 10.6 (soon 10.7) on 64-bit intel and want to try the latest alpha release of Ardour.

Could someone give me an outline of the steps to achieve this? I’ve only installed from packages, and I don’t think there are any for the alphas on OS X.

In short, if you have to ask this you can’t run A3 on OS X at this time. I am being very serious here, it took a not small amount of coding for me to even get it to compile some time back, and even then it wouldn’t run and that work to get it to compile has been repeated by a VERY few number of people(I can think of only two at this time, possibly three) and for noone does a current version of A3 run in any useful way(Transport doesn’t work). Sorry, at this time you are going to have to wait until Paul, myself, or one of the other few people that are capable of working on Ardour on OS X gets time to finish porting it completely, and that likely isn’t going to happen until Paul gets time(My schedule personally is exceedingly full lately), which he has already said likely won’t be until we get to the Beta phase.


Thanks, I was afraid that’s the case.

Can’t wait to see what’s new!

BTW - what other projects do some of you work on?