Allow right-click context menu to influence all selected CD markers

What it says on the tin. I like the fact that I can select all CD markers in order to slide them back and forth on the timeline. However, it would also be great if right-clicking on one of the selected CD markers allowed certain actions in the context menu to affect all of them. For example (and no surprise), “create ranges to next marker” in order to quickly set up ranges for exporting to individual files across the whole album. Other candidates would be “Hide Selected”, “Lock selected”, “remove selected”.

Alternatively, a way to select all CD markers in the location window with a right-click option to add ranges that span the length of each track.

Or, as another alternative, allow the CD markers themselves to be treated as potential ranges in the export dialog (perhaps via a checkbox). This seems to work when you convert existing ranges into CD markers given that two markers are used. Could one allow the CD marker to optionally act as both the start and end of a range? With the “start” marker you’d still achieve the initial pregap options and the final CD marker’s track would conclude with “end” marker.

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