Allen and Heath ZED10FX works as a recording interface

I have tested the ZED10FX. I am using ubuntu 10.10 and Ardour 2.8.11

You just hotplug and go to sound settings it shows up as a PCM2900 analog device. So under System>Preferences>Sound on the Hardware tab you will see this description. It is fully duplex and you can select it for your system output or input.

In Jack make sure to select it as the input device. My setup was set to hw:0 which is my internal sound card. If you are like me you will need to select hw:1 which in my system is the second sound card or the ZED10FX.

The ZED series is with USB input output is only a mono or stereo in/out device. Just so your aware just in case you wanted to do more than stereo recording or 2 tracks.

I have ordered a ZED24 which has 16 mic inputs and 4 stereo line inputs for our church. So I will update this thead when I get it in. I am sure it will be the same deal though.

Good news for Linux people!

For Mac users make sure to make this device an aggregate device. It shows up as an input or an output device in OSX 10.6 but not full duplex. This means for those whom do not know you will get input and no output. It will show up in jack that way also if it is not configured as such.

Hope this helps for those looking at using these mixers. They sound great so no probs here. I will also update more as I start using it for recording.

Also for those who need a place to buy one talk to this guy:
   [800] 356-5844 ext 1174

At a company called fullcompass a great company and I and Joel went through the same audio program back in the colleage days.

Just an FYI :wink:

Let me know paul if that is ok to put on the forums if not delete it.


Ok I have tested the Allen & Heath ZED24 it has 16 mic ins and 4 stereo ins. The routing for USB is a little different but the sound card functionality is the same. If using Ubuntu 10.10 like me or any other linux flavor it just hotplug the mixer and it shows up as a PCM2900 analog device. You only get mono or stereo in and out or 2 independent mono inputs. It is fully duplex and I can achieve 2 miliseconds or less no rt kernel. Mac users need to make this device aggregate just an FYI again.

Hope that helps,