All Programs in ACE Reasonable Synth are the same

I am running Ardour 7.2 on Fedora Linux, Is it normal for all Programs to sound exactly the same during auditioning in the Patch Selector? That is my situation. All the instruments sound the same

Reasonable Synth is just a toy that can only do a reasonable e-piano imitation.

Ardour from comes with a General MIDI Synth. I do not know if Fedora packages that.

For Linux, please have a look at (many of which are packaged by Fedora). - Alternatively use Ardour’s “ACE Fluid Synth” along with a .sf2 soundfont (see also
Where to find nice soundfonts)

I am now investigating all rpm packages bearing “lv2” on their names. There is quite a number here. I am not sure what works. I will have to test them out one after the other.

I had “ACE Fluid Synth” on one track. It was getting signals but giving no sound. Calf Organ sounds beautiful. Synthv1 and Calf Wavetable produces sound. That is it, nothing else on the list emits a sound. Calf FluidSynth does not produce a sound. I started to think it might have something to do with my configuration.

As per logs, the following is all I have on the logs:

2023-02-13T18:22:14 [INFO]: Scanning folders for bundled LV2s: /usr/lib64/ardour7/LV2
2023-02-13T18:22:15 [WARNING]: Video-monitor 'xjadeo' was not found. Please install (a custom path to xjadeo can be specified by setting the XJREMOTE environment variable. It should point to an application compatible with xjadeo's remote-control interface 'xjremote').

see also

2023-02-13T18:22:15 [INFO]: Loading menus from /etc/ardour7/ardour.menus
2023-02-13T18:22:16 [WARNING]: Falling back to Reasonable Synth for Midi Audition
2023-02-13T18:22:16 [INFO]: Loading user ui scripts file /home/schemefusion/.config/ardour7/ui_scripts
2023-02-13T18:22:16 [INFO]: Loading plugin order file /home/schemefusion/.config/ardour7/plugin_metadata/plugin_order
2023-02-13T18:22:16 [INFO]: Loading history from /home/schemefusion/Ardour/Test-B/Test-B.history
2023-02-13T18:22:16 [INFO]: Test-B: no history file "/home/schemefusion/Ardour/Test-B/Test-B.history" for this session.

By the way, is it possible to change instruments on a track after creating the track? How do I do that?

You have to tell Fluid Synth what sound library to use

Note that many LV2 plugins are “effects” (e.g., compressor, phaser, eq, reverb, etc.) rather than “instruments” (organ, piano, synth, sampled sounds, etc.). Most “effects” plugins filter / process audio signals, either previously recorded, during capture, or after generation by an “instrument” plugin (rarer are plugins which filter MIDI information rather than audio). “Instrument” plugins take MIDI information as input and convert them to audio.

As @ClausRogge noted, to use the ACE Fluid Synth instrument plugin, you need to configure it with the path to the file on your filesystem which contains the SF2 soundfont library. On my system (AVLinux), the soundfont you most likely want is /usr/share/sounds/sf2/default-GM.sf2. On Fedora, the equivalent file is most likely provided by the fluid-soundfont-gm package, which likely installs it as /usr/share/sounds/sf2/default.sf2.

That was accurate! I found it, thanks a lot

I also found a possible duplicate (among other sf2 files) in /usr/share/soundfonts/
Now ACE Fluid Synth works as expected (Patch selection and Auditioning). Sweet

Here is the report from testing all lv2 plugins I found on Fedora (I probably missed a few more but these were the ones that showed up on Ardour):

drumkv1 - no sound, shows yellow in the MIDI Connection Manager. (do the colors mean anything?). Ardour becomes almost non-responsive and jerky when I load the plugin’s interface. Not good
MDA ePiano - OK
MDA Piano - OK (nice)
padthv1 - OK
samplv1 - indicates controller signal but no sound, shows yellow in the MIDI Connection Manager
Exampler - Not sure what this is … weird sound
amsynth - OK
Fabla - indicates controller signal but no sound, shows red in the MIDI Connection Manager
Sorcer - OK
ZynAddSubFX - OK
ACE Fluid Synth - OK (Patch Selection and Audtioning OK)

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