All MIDI regions change length with tempo?


I haven’t raised this as a bug because I’m not sure if it is one. If I create a MIDI region (let’s say a four-bar bassline) and copy / paste it so there are several contiguous blocks of notes, then I lower the master tempo something weird happens: the region length is cut and gaps appear between the blocks, cutting any notes that would previously still be playing.

On other DAWs I’ve used, when you lower the tempo only the speed of the playhead is affected and each region’s start and end points on the timeline are unchanged. I’m not sure if Ardour does this to allow for some other transport feature or whether it’s just a quirk, but either way it drives me nuts! Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?


sounds like a bug… log it in Mantis… worst case it gets rejected…

Raised in Mantis as a bug:

I did wonder whether there was some rationale behind this. Not sure how nobody has flagged this before? It gets worse when you automate tempo changes as the timeline is messed up before your eyes! Does anyone consider this normal?


haven’t really done any MIDI editing… I have an AKAI MPC…with JJOS and I haven’t found a software MIDI implementation more complete