All midi notes in the same octave

How to select all the same notes in the midi region? I selected A4 note and I want to select all A4 notes it the region(s). How to invert them? Edit->Selec->Invert Selection doesn’t work

Indeed. A bug in Ardour 5.12. Thanks for the heads up! Fixed just now in git.

I’m sorry but I don’t think there’s a way to work around this in 5.12.

You can shift+click on a piano-key in the track-header to do so.


Thanks! I like Ardour better and better

To elaborate, on the piano-header

  • shift+click – add the note to the selection (all regions on the track)
  • middle-click – clear selection, select only the note; but with Ardour 5.12 that only selects the note in a single MIDI region on the track (not all regions if there is more than one).

This broken in late 4.x, early 5.x when Ardour’s selection mode changed. Previously selecting notes, implicitly selected the region. Also track + region selection were able to co-exist.

I’ve fixed middle-click selection to add notes of all regions, just now. – Odd that this went unnoticed for over 2 years, looks like we could use more testers :slight_smile:

@x42 Great to know about shift clicking on the piano header! Does this replace the “mouse range mode” talked about in the manual? (I’m not sure what “Mouse range mode” is but guessing it is historical).

“range mode” or “range tool” allows selecting ranges on the timeline with the mouse:

In the past it did indeed allow to add, toggle and extend MIDI notes on the piano-roll. This feature was removed in 4.0-316-gd02d8e6ebc. Mainly because it was buggy and of questionable utility.

I test Ardour in my songs. If I could improve the program in this way I would be happy. My English needs (sometimes) translator