All MIDI events erased from MIDI track when recording stops

I’m new to Ardour and trying to learn how to record a midi input from the track’s own provided keyboard. Eventually I would like to connect the MIDI track input to Musescore’s midi output through jack, but I am not quite there yet.

My current problem is that the midi events I record disappear as soon as I stop recording and the track turns empty again. Here is what I did:

  1. Start with an empty session (with jack running)
  2. Create a new midi track with the fluidsynth instrument
  3. Choose a grand piano instrument from the fluidsynth plugin window
  4. Arm both the track and Ardour (in the Transport bar)
  5. Check that the instrument is active and Midi works by clicking on the track’s virtual keyboard and hearing sound
  6. Start recording by hitting the space bar
  7. Hit some keys on the virtual keyboard and observe the events being put on the track
  8. Stop the recording with the space bar and see all midi events vanish from the track!

What am I doing wrong?

I have checked that I can record on audio tracks from my microphone. It is only MIDI recording that fails.

I looked in the reference manual but the MIDI recording section is incomplete, as is the Ardour tutorial. I found a YouTube Ardour/Midi tutorial for Ardour 3, but didn’t find anything different from what I am doing.

Help greatly appreciated.

I have got the same problem. Have you solved it yet?


Do you try to record clicks on the vertical keyboard in the track?

If yes i think you should find a virtual midi kb and route it to your track instead.

Cannot show you now sadly…

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Just tested this out myself (muchos gracias for the detailed steps!). If by “virtual keyboard” you meant the little vertical one in the track’s head section, than no that doesn’t work for recording (AFAIK).
It does however, with the “full” one. Select Window -> Virtual keyboard, and try again.

On a side note: the “Start recording” shortcut is “shift+space” but I assume that’s what you used.

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Thank you. You are right, you can not record with the vertical Keyboard.

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