All Linux and Ardour

I have been working with vocalist Britt Moore. We work in Ardour on Linux Mint. We use M-Audio Delta 44 interface, behringer mixer, MXL mics, etc. Cheap setup, but love it.

I love writing and recording with Britt. This song “Standing In The Sun” was a magical collaboration. While noodling in the studio I came up with this guitar part and laid down bass and drum pieces with it. Britt came in on her own and wrote lyrics and melody and tracked her own vocal. We then added doubled vocals, backup harmonies and synths.

Would love input and feedback as to whether or not this sounds “done”. What might be changed? I was going for a “David Gilmore” guitar sound…though probably not close.

Track is here


Standing In The Sun
(Twin Flames - Britt Moore & Val Davis)

Its the way you look at me
And how you don’t mind me talking
And the things you say to me
And how you keep my world rocking

If I could say don’t leave me
In a way that you’d believe

Your eyes are like the sky
As blue as I imagined
Your smile is light alive
Shining like the sun

This could be the way that I
Would tell you everyday
That would make turn around
But you keep walking away

If I could say I love you
In a way that you’d believe

Your eyes are like the sky
As blue as I imagined, seeing whats inside
Your smile is light alive
Shining Like The Sun

And when you’re standing near
I can hardly breathe, your the only one.
I want to hold you here
Until this world is done

Standing in the Sun.

hi,good song,but mp3 file reduce quality of sounds and mix :slight_smile:


Nice song, brought me sort of a 90’s vibe I like. Agree on the bass comment, and also I think I hear kind of a glitch at 1:13 in the guitar, maybe an export problem?

It is a very nice song, I like it :slight_smile: There is a kind of “magical” or “mystical” athmosphere in it. It’s wonderful when all things click and magic happens :slight_smile:

One things that I noticed about the mix is that there are a lot of guitars and because of this the tonal balance leans quite a lot toward the mid range. The song would benefit from adding a deep bass to it. It would counteract the mids and bring more balance to it. I think it might even enhance the “mystical” athmosphere of the song.

Very nice piece on composing, playing, singing and mixing, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I am going to replay the bass and make it more “bassey”. Maybe a chorused bass? Thanks again for the kind words.