All I want for Christmas is Odin (metal cover)

Hi all,

since “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey is pretty much everywhere, in this time of year, my mind started “warping” it through some metal lenses, turning major keys to minor, getting rid of happy triplets and stuff like that, all coating the arrangement in heavy doses of orchestral music and viking metal instead. It’s completely instrumental but the vocal lines, although quite changed along with the keys, should still be recognizable (let me know if you can still sing them on the track!). The viking theme came to mind since I remember reading that Santa actually comes from good ol’ Odin, and that’s how this track came to be!

As a one time occasion, I also decided to record a silly video, that you can watch here:

The audio track is available on Bandcamp instead, and should be on Spotify, Apple Music & co in the next few days too:

The Bandcamp track can be downloaded for free (the holiday spirit pervades me!) but if you’re feeling generous, of course I’d appreciate any offer you’re willing to make as a gift :innocent:

Musically speaking, I’ll let the track speak for itself, but the main inspirations came from bands like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Septicflesh, who always managed to seamlessly merge orchestral music with very heavy guitars, something I’ve always strived for myself. As usual, this was all recorded and mixed using FOSS tools, with Ardour 6.9 doing the lion share of the work!

I hope you’ll enjoy this, silly as it is, so I’ll be looking forward to your feedback. And of course, happy holidays to you all!


Love it! Even the “silly” video, which made me smile.

Thanks for sharing!

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:rofl: Beware of pointy guitars, kids. They’ll make you worship Odin. :crazy_face: :metal:

Oh, and awesomely done!


Thank you both for listening and for the kind words! Not sure if the pointy guitars made me worship Odin, or worshipping Odin is what got me into buying them in the first place :laughing:

I hear that pointy guitars made from the boughs of Yggdrasil resonate through all nine worlds! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nice, dude.
But I barely hear the ukulele at the end. :rofl:

It would have ruined the epic mood :joy:

This is the sort of thing that could one day make Christmas bearable.


I do my little part :joy:

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