All drawn midi notes are selected, not just the last one

Hello, I have been using ardour for quite some time and it used to happen that when drawing notes in drawing mode, only the last drawn note was selected, but for some reason now all the newly drawn notes are selected. This started in the last ardour updates (I don’t remember specifically which update). Does anybody know what is it due to?

I hope you understand my question, my English is not very good. Thanks in advance

FWIW, I am see the same in my installation.

I assume it was an intentional choice by the developers, but it would be nice if there was an option to choose the behavior.

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Hi, everybody!
Congratulations for version 8.0.0!!

In fact, the issue in this thread has been a problem in the last few versions.

It would be nice in preferences dialog something like “Drawn midi notes: ( ) select ( ) add to selection”

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Already added:


8.1 will be out tomorrow.


Very happy to read this.

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Thank you very much!

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