Alkuräjähdys - Big Band

Greetings all, new poster here. Got to using Ardour earlier this year after doing a Windows reinstall and being completely fed up with both the OS and the endless auth schemes used by different plugins, also to simplify workflow since we run Ardour at the practice space with a Presonus interface, so it’s all Ardour, Calf, LSP and Robin Gareus’ EBUmeter (took a long time to realise it was not working because I was using ALSA instead of JACK).

Since composing and learning actual music yielded less interesting and musical results, I wanted to know if we could just record everything and then cull that noise for some actual music — whatever that means.

We had two overheads and a bd mic for drums, bass DI and cabinet, two guitar cabs close miked and the synth was running though an Orange amp also close miked. Everything was bleeding into pretty much everything which made things somewhat interesting.

I couldn’t bring myself to just slap on some effects, twist some knobs and call it mixing anymore, so I went and taught myself a bunch of stuff, and did a lot of going forwards and backwards, learning about LUFS and so on. Unfa’s videos were great for grokking some LSP and Calf plugins. I think it turned out OK.

Thanks for reading!


Hi @rekpake,

Think it sounds cool. Has a live jam band type feel. The songs are a bit long for my tastes, but I like what you got going on here.

Thanks. I think the live jam band type feel might be because it’s all live improv. :slight_smile:

I’ve been advocating on practicing to finishing quickly (say, 5 minutes) at least once you hit some good stuff, but it’s easy to lose sense of time. Trying to finish before it runs out of steam is probably a more sensible approach. :man_shrugging:

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my bunch records all their jams and yeah, I hear you about running out of steam. Got lots of 20-minute recordings with a couple good minutes in the middle.

love your postrock sound, that’s a lot of noisy instruments to cram into the mix and they sound great together.