Alesis v61 and Ardour in ubuntu studio

Hello everybody,

I will have soon the alesis v61 and i would like to know if it’s easy and full compatible with Ardour 5 on Ubuntu studio.
Thanks for your answers.

I have an Alesis V49 and it works very well with JACK and Ardour. I don’t run Ubuntu Studio specifically but it works very well with JACK and a2jmidid. I even managed to use the proprietary Alesis control software through WINE to adjust the control signals the buttons send and the velocity sensitivity of the drum pads.

The one issue I did run into was the toggle buttons can not be used to mute tracks as you would expect but according to one of the main developers (Paul), this has been fixed for the next release.

Let me know if you run into any trouble and I’ll see what I can do to help out.

Many thanks for your quick answer, can’t wait to try it and for sure I will let you know how that works.
All the best,