Alesis IO4 , a good choice ?

hi, there
I’ll plan to buy an USB sound card for my linux machine and I would like to have your advices before buying.
If this card may working ?
thank you

@percute: If you have desktop system, do yourself a favor and get a PCI-based interface. See for some suggestions.

Thank you very much, Paul . Maybe I’ll do myself this favor, you’re surely right, pci is better .
Something like this ?

Yes :slight_smile: Great card!

The RME Multiface I can be picked up ridiculously cheap on ebay considering what you get: 8 analogue I/O, ADAT, SPDIF, word clock, midi, solid low-latency drivers, and general RME reliability. Totalmix (Hdspmixer in linux) is also very good. The “I” is the older model Multiface but IMO still an excellent interface.

Don’t forget you’ll need an RME HDSP PCI card to go with it which may or may not be included with the main unit.