Album "Particles", recorded, mixed and mastered on OSX Ardour 2.8 and 3.0Beta

Released April 4, 2013.
Genre: space ambient electronic, berlin school.

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Donations are very very welcome, as I’m trying to get new equipment. Well, new… Vintage that is :slight_smile:

Joost Egelie

By the way, the other three albums were made with Ardour too - as far back as version 0.93!

Sounds pretty cool. I like the spaciousness of your mix. Some of those vintage synths always seem to have such a nice character to them – it’s that very “present” sort of texture you could almost reach out and touch if such a thing were possible. Now that ardour 3 is out I have been wanting to give it a go for my next experimental album. Congrats on your new album!