Alba - new music from AVSynthesis and Ardour3


Something like a tone poem:

Created with AVSynthesis (a Csound-based composition environment) and much editing in Ardour3. The piece has a wide range of frequencies and dynamics. Some pretty low rumbles are present, they’re intentional. You’ll want a good playback system or phones to hear everything.




wow. is this for real? i haven’t heard the songs or musics from the group ALBA. i guess that this is not a new release but have been re-release. well, i can’t wait to hear it as they are one of my favorite group. let’s go the link then. thanks.

WOW this is really cool. I love it. This really makes me want to find, install and explore AVSynthesis (i’ve never heard of it before this). Good stuff Dave.

Thanks, Smeefer, I’m glad the piece moved you. :slight_smile: You can learn more about AVS here :

Follow the documentation link.

Some old articles about outdated versions :

It’s evolved a lot since then. The UI is complex, not easy to learn. Definitely powerful.