Al Jarreau - Mornin' (Cover)

Hi folks,
It’s been a while but I’m happy to share with you this cover that I recorded and mixed in Ardour 6.9 on Linux.

As before, audio is recorded through my Audient iD4 interface
Bass and guitar recorded D.I.
Vocals through an Aston Origin microphone (and not the SM58 you see in the video :wink: )
MIDI via Alesis Q49 master keyboard except for the flute solo which you’ll see me play on a Roland AE-05 “Aérophone” (Yes, I’m initially a saxophonist :slight_smile: )
Drums where programmed manually. Not easy as Mr Jeff Porcaro was the drummer on this song :wink:
I used DrumGizmo and the DSR kit and that’s what probably caused me the biggest headeache for the mix :sweat_smile:
Some SF2 soundfonts (Elec piano, rhodes, flute, synth strings) and VPO sfz for strings and French horn
Used the TangampGx plugin this time instead of guitarix

For mixing, in a nutshell, I made an extensive use of the ACM plugins (eq, compressor) but also used some LSP Multiband compressors, LSP slapback delay, Calf Vintage Delay, Dragonfly Reverb, x42 paramEQ and limiter, G10Q gates (for the drums)

Another great time making music with Ardour !


I love Jarreau and think you nailed it. Quality of this work I would say is all over talented! :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work. <3

Thanks for the kind words !


Great to see another Video from you!

Excellent work on everything, tremendous performances and mix and really strong vocals! I can’t imagine singing so confidently in another language so that is an accomplishment in itself! The Video is well done and makes a great presentation, you are a consummate professional!

If I were to offer any constructive cristicism it would be the guitar sound, I know it’s supposed to be squeaky clean jazzy funk but I found it to be very thin and lacking tone… I know plugins make it easy and convenient but I think a mic on a clean amp (maybe even a bass amp) would have given a better funky guitar tone… forgive me I’m a guitar tone snob… :flushed:

On the other hand the bass is beautifully punchy and perfect!

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Cool man.
I am found of your vocal performance on this track.
… And I won’t stress on the fact that each « voice » is perfectly « on time and in place », either concerning rythm and tone.
The video is fun and pleasant to look at, also.
Looking forward for a title where you allow you to go a little bit « out of bounds »:innocent:

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Hi Glen !
Thanks for taking the time to watch/hear and providing honest feedback! I highly appreciate it !

I totally agree. Can’t say I’m proud of this guitar sound :sweat_smile: I didn’t manage to get it anywhere close to how I wanted it to sound.
I don’t have a guitar amp (the small Roland that can be seen in the video I borrowed just for the filming) so I recorded directly via the interface and as guitar is not my main instrument, I’m not too experienced with shaping a good guitar sound (especially a clean one which I find harder than saturated). I fiddled some with Guitarix, but I’m also convinced I would have been better off miking a real amp.

Definitely an area of improvement !
Thanks again !

Merci Olivier !
I have a vocal coach since last year and it has had a high impact on my singing technique ! An eye opener !
We’ll see how much “out of bounds” I go :smile: