Again "add event editor to piano roll"

Hello guys
i have this hihat pattern in A6 piano roll more than 50 notes in 5 bar (a common HH pattern in uk drill beat)
you know Controlling the volume of these notes with fader automation is not easy and take my time

I think the time has come add a volume controller (control note volume not output audio)
This is really important to me because it saves me time + 100%
I wanted to know if this could be added to the Ardour

for chord and overlapped notes when mouse go near the volume point appear a horizontal line with overlapped note number point and you can edit them carefully :kiss:


hey Ardour it’s amazing idea

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Because you asked so nicely…please add to if you haven’t already :wink:

Be sure when you add to the feature request to include your conclusions on how to use such a mechanism to handle chords.