After upgrade, Ardour 5 freezes at "Scanning for Plugins" -- no it doesn't!

Just upgraded the entire group to Ardour 5 via Debian Stretch. When I open a project, it gets as far as the Scanning for Plugins splash message and locks up.

This took a week to realise: the project open dialogue is still on the screen underneath the main Ardour window! Either clicking OK without starting the audio engine, or ALT-TAB to bring the dialogue forward, then click OK, and you won’t get the problem.

In spite of making me look really stupid, I thought I should post this here in case the issue bites anyone else. Ardour was working all the time…

According to the 5.3 release statement, this has been fixed already. Might be a non-issue. If so, sorry.

Mine is crashing after using some plugins from Calf like compressor or reverb. Sometimes it freezes and then closes Linux session (back to login). Sometimes it freezes completely. I’m using Maya Studio 32 bits and Ardour 5.3.0. Dell Inspiron 1525 C2Duo T5750 3GB RAM 120GB SSD and USB Edirol UA-1ex.

Mine is crashing mostly only on the setBfree plugin when trying to display the GUI. Sometimes even when just loading it. It is working fine in MixBus 3.6 however, so not a show stopper.