after "scons install" what next?

I’m on Gentoo and I’ve had success running release 2.05 with the gentoo ebuild.
I thought I’d try the tar version of 2.10.

scons VST=1 scons install

it builds and installs. I dont have any listed errors.

this is my really stupid question… how do I launch it?

I know this is a environment / path issue…
I’m just not sure where the executable is. or the correct shell script to launch it.

I’m not sure if the default path environment under gentoo is correctly aligned for the default build environment or ardour.

appreciate some insight.



it’s “ardourvst”. Just type it in a console (or create a desktop link).
It should be located in “/urs/local/bin”, at least that’s the case in debian.
If not, update you database (“updatedb” as root") and then “locate ardourvst”.


perfect! I didnt know the command line name to launch it.