After cuting, the rest of the track snaps to cutting line

Hi all,
probably someone already asked the same, but i have no idea what to search for.

I think i accidently changed some settings and have no idea what.

Following is happend.
Before the change, i could erase a part of the track and the rest of the tracke would stay at the same timestamp
Now, after erasing a part of the track, the rest of track snaps right where i did the first cut. Does anyone know what i mean and is able to help me?
Thank you

Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 12.57.46
Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 12.57.54
check if your setting is on ‘slide’, perhaps you selected ripple (shortcut for toggle is 1 )

The Ardour Manual - Toolbox.

Thank you, will check that…it´s very likely that i pressed the 1 by accident

Well, that worked perfectly. Thank you

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