Advice for opening an old session with deprecated plugin?

I have an older (Ardour 5.12) session which used the original Dragonfly Reverb plugin. That plugin has been replaced by Dragonfly Room, Dragonfly Plate, Dragonfly Hall, and Dragonfly Early Reflections plugins.

Any good tips for importing that session into Ardour 6.9? I assume that Ardour will complain about the original plugin not being available. Will that just leave the reverb bus in place with no plugin inserted? If so that should be relatively easy to deal with, I was not using automation on any of the reverb parameters so I could just decide on which of the newer variants to use to replace the original plugin and find some settings that work.

Yes if a plugin isn’t found it’s replaced by a stub/placeholder in the mixer view, you can easily remove that and put the newer versions as usual.

@ccaudle The original dragonfly reverb was renamed Dragonfly Hall, but its unique identifier is the same, so the new Dragonfly Hall should load properly. I put quite some effort into making it backwards compatible; there are some new dials but they should get sensible defaults when you load old sessions.


I forgot to come back and thank you for the prompt reply. Of course the session opened with no problem, thanks for looking ahead and making sure the packages were backwards compatible.

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