Adour on the Playstation 3 ?

Hi Paul,

I don’t know if you actually remember me but several years ago in the very early stages of your development of Adour, I decided to call you up and talk to you about your work with Adour of which I can recall you being very gracious with your time and discussing your development of your software. Moving fast forward, it’s great to see that Adour has become extremely robust and quite capable of being a monster platform in the very near future.

With that being said, I recently caught wind of Yellow Dog Linux now exclusively available for the Sony Playstation 3 of which I meditatively thought to myself “wow, with Sony’s cell processor & blu-ray playback /storage capability, wouldn’t it be incredible for Adour to run on the PS3 Hardware?”. I do realize that there might be issues with connectivity with regards to USB, an audio interface and so on but I can’t help assume that those issues might not be so hard to work out.

If it were possible, Adour on the PS3 would be fantastic and would help further Sony’s sales of the gaming platform to boot.

Any thoughts on this idea would be greatly appreciated.

  • Juan

I would rather see this on xbox, ps3 sales haven’t been as good as Wii or Xbox mainly because of the networking capability of both the other console gaming systems. I know most of my time is spent playing games online then on xbox i’m mainly up all night looking for cheap wow gold and to level characters then first person shooters on xbox.