Adjusting the start of a region shifts the timing of the waveform inside the region

As the title states, I recorded something and now, when I go to trim the start of the region, I can see the waveform inside the region shift to the right as I do it. This happens whether I drag the start of the region to the right or I split the start from the rest of the region and delete it. I’m assuming this is some edit setting that I accidentally triggered with a key press but I don’t know what it would be called, so any info would be appreciated. This is on a Mac, btw.

I am still looking for an answer to this, I’m sure it’s something minor but since I don’t know what to search for, I can’t find a way to enable or disable this for a given range or track. This is also happening on the same tracks on the Windows version as well, so the issue I’m having is not OS-specific.

Edit: found it. Right-click-> Region - Position - Glue to Bars and Beats. Not sure why this seemed to be randomly set on some regions but not others, I didn’t click anything that would have turned it on.

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