Adjust input level of Samsung Q2U usb mic

Don’t know why but I’m getting high input levels in the Ardour file I’m working on and adjusting my system (linux mint) input level isn’t making any difference (I’m sure it did in my other project). Is there a way to adjust input level from the mic (“gain”?) within ardour? My mic is USB and doesn’t have a gain control knob

(looking forwards, I may need to get an audio interface, but for now I’m trying to work with what I have…)


Sounds like the opposite issue of: My microphone input level has suddenly dropped

Perhaps the mic has a software-controlled hardware mixer? Check with alsamixer in a terminal. Press <F6> to select the Mic. then <F5> to show all controls.

good grief I didn’t even think to connect the two issues (I may need more coffee…) yes that has solved the problem, thank you again!

I suggest to try unity-gain of 0dB (look at the info top-left).

Then have a look when you record in Ardour. When you speak loudest a level of around -10 dBFS on Ardour’s peak-meter is likely a good target for your podcasts. You can later add gain in Ardour as needed.

Not the input. Ardour records that as-is. If the input is clipped (analog → digital conversion), then there’s nothing that can be done to recover the signal.

No worries on the clipping I’ve already got, I’m currently just test-recording anyway.

I actually didn’t even think to record at a lower level and then add gain later - thanks that’s a useful tip!

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