Adding tracks to groups

How do you add tracks to groups? I’ve been right-clicking on everything. Maybe I’ve been staring at the screen too hard and missing the obvious. I need to group a track with its buses so I can adjust the volume on all relatively and simultaneously.


There are two different types of groups in Ardour2. Edit groups are created in the groups tab on the sidebar in the editor window, and will show up in the editor when you click ‘g’…

Mix groups on the other hand are created in the mixer window under the group dialog, and will show up in the mixer when you hit ‘g’…


@audiodef: click on the “g” button in the track header in the editor (edit group), or the “g” button in the mixer strip for the track (mix group). you want a mix group.

Thanks, Paul. Groups don’t show up under the “g”, but they show up under “grp” in the mixer.