Adding Plugins to Windows Ardour

I have been trying to eliminate some crackling sounds from my recordings. This plugin ( says it can handle that. So, I placed it into the lv2 folder in the Ardour program folder, but nothing happened. Is there something more I must do? Any help is appreciated.

LV2 is essentially the successor to LADSPA - so it’s a Linux-exclusive plugin format. Those will not work on Windows.

I’m sorry but this is not correct. LADSPA and LV2 both are cross platform plugin formats. I have used both on all three major platforms before. Harrison’s plugins it sells that run in Mixbus, many are LV2 format and will run on all three platforms.

However the plugin must be written to run on all three platforms, and compiled for the specific platform it is to be run on, just because it is LV2 does not guarantee this. noise-repellant I know has been tested on Linux, I am unsure on whether it has ever been tested, or was written to run, on Windows.

@rileyj1996 when you say you ‘placed it into the lv2 folder’ can you describe your exact steps you used to download, possibly compile, and place it into the folder? I am wondering if you may have placed the uncompiled source code into the folder, which will not run. I am also unsure on the correct location to install LV2 plugins on Windows, while the one you used may work, it may have to be reinstalled every time you update as well, and there is likely a better location.


I honestly have no idea how to install the plugin. I figured it would be drag and drop since the file in the plugin folder doesn’t run on my computer. Maybe that’s the issue? If this particular plugin can’t be put onto a windows computer is there an alternative that you know of? I would greatly appreciate it since my mic/system/whatever seems to be a fan of making unwanted noises.

Yea so the is a Linux install script, it won’t run on Windows. And yes it is likely then that you tried to put the uncompiled source code in the LV2 folder, so it won’t run without compilation and probably needs some changes to the code to compile cleanly on Windows is my guess. Not something for most people to attempt.

IN as far as alternatives, there are some but the ones I know of off hand are not cheap. Izotope RX and WaveARTs MR Noise suite are two I have used in the past, but both are commercial. For free options Audacity has a noise removal option but is not a plugin to run in Ardour, so requires a seperate step or three to incorporate into an Ardour workflow. I don’t know of a free/open source plugin compiled for Windows off hand, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, only that I don’t know of it.


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