Adding certain plugins crash Ardour

Hi, official 7.4 on AVL. I have a session where I can no longer add certain plugins without Ardour wrecking (it just winks out). Other plugins load ok. I had done some pitch-shift, as the only non-normal thing I do. I tried to recreate this in another session, but was unsuccessful, so something is just whack with this session. For example, if I try to add ToneLib GFX (vst2 or 3), it dies. If I add an acmt, it’s fine. Again, in my attempt to recreate in a new session, all works fine.

Should I open a ticket in mantis? Thanks!

So this is only an issue with an existing session, but not a new one?
Could it be a conflict between plugins present in that session?

Since ToneLib GFX is non-free it would be helpful if you could provide a backtrace: and yes, please post it to the bug tracker.

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Correct. If I create a new session, I have no issues with plugins.

Issue 9333 created. Thanks!

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