Adding a VST plugins in ardour track

I’m trying to add VST plugins in some ardour tracks that I’ve recorded. Particulary I’m working with Amplitube 2 and Gutiar Rig 2.

I’ve tried both with fst, and both work well and I can use them normally, but when I update the plugins list in ardour I get:

[INFO]: detecting VST plugins along /usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst
[WARNING]: Cannot get VST information from /usr/lib/vst/GuitarRig_2.dll
[WARNING]: Cannot get VST information from /usr/lib/vst/AmpliTube2.dll

And no VSt plugins is loaded. Does anybody know what’s going wrong ?

Thanks a lot


Sometimes you have to restart Ardour a few times to get the VST Plug-Ins to “take”. I usually add them to /usr/local/lib/vst/ one plug-in at a time and then restart ardourvst from the terminal to see what it spits out. Quite often Ardour will utilize the Plug-Ins even if it displays the error you are describing. I have about 40 VST Plug-Ins running but unfortunately not the 2 that you are having issues with.

Try restarting both ardourvst and JACK and see if they appear in your list

A problem of permissions maybe?