Addictive Drums AU-plugin in Ardour 4 crashes

Hi, I installed Ardour 4 64bit on a mac running Yosemite. All seemed well however loading the Addictive drums 64bit au plugin causes Ardour to crash (Ardour4 quit unexpectedly). Other plugins seem to load just fine (including Addictive Keys, downloaded and installed with the same xln online installer as AD). Anyone having the same issue? Loading the same plugin into Logic returns no errors.

Please find the crash log on your system, and file it in a bug report on The forum is not a place for bug reports.

Very well paul, glad Ardour came to OS X officially now.

Addictive Drums 2 AU works just fine here (Yosemite, 64bit).

Please get a “debug build” from (it can be run directly from the DMG without installation).
The crash report (quit unexpectedly -> Report -> [don’t send to apple, but copy paste the complete log to] ) may shed some light.

Ok thanks for the input x42, I filed a bug report. I was however talking about the the first version of AD, not AD2.