Added Vst doesn't appear in MIDI tracks instruments list

Hello, I installed Ardour 7 yesterday as my first DAW so I’m a complete newbie.
I installed a piano vst and did everything folowing this video. The piano doesn’t appear in my MIDI tracks instruments list though.
I have no idea why it doesn’t work, but hopefully someone can help me out.

Is the VST listed in Ardour > Window > Plugin Manager?

On What OS do you use Ardour? Linux, like unfa? and if so, have you perhaps installed a Windows VST rather than a Linux version of the plugin

thanks for the fast reply.
I’m using linux and de ‘Maestro Concert Grand V2’ on this website (the website says it’s for linux).
I see this when I open the plugin manager:


Ah, that is a sample-library (a collection of sound-files), not a plugin.

You need a synthesizer plugin that can load the sample-library.
This plugin used to be Linuxsampler, although it is rather dated, not packaged by most GNU/Linux distros, and there are likely better options out there these days.

I do however not know what people use to load gig v2 sample-libraries. Perhaps someone else here does.

For piano, I’d probably use the salamander-grandpiano soundfont with ACE Fluidsynth (that synth plugin comes with Ardour). You can get the soundfont from Soundfonts 4U


Ah, thanks. Not sure how to download the soundfont though. I can only play a demo.

Yamaha C5

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So I downloaded the Yamaha C5 Grand-v2.4, I scanned the folder I placed it in (this is my plugin manager now:

), added ‘ACE fluid synth’ in ‘add MIDI tracks’, then to ‘plugins provided’. There I saw a long list of built-in instruments wich don’t make sound. Not sure where my plugin went.

Again, a soundfont or a sample library is not a plugin.

You create a MIDI track with ACE Fluid Synth as the instrument. Then dbl-click on the plugin in the relevant mixer strip to bring up the plugin’s UI. From that UI, load the soundfont from wherever you put it on your disk(s).


And, to (possibly) clarify further, FluidSynth isn’t really a synth in a traditional sense. It doesn’t make sounds on its own. It’s really a soundfont player which requires a soundfont to make sound.

A soundfont is a collection of sounds (often samples) and instructions on how to play them, organized in a file that can be loaded into a soundfont player, like Fluidsynth. Fluidsynth will then interpret the MIDI events and use the soundfont to render the appropriate sounds.

So, when you first load Fluidsynth as a plugin, it won’t make any sound as it doesn’t have a soundfont loaded. You have to load a soundfont to get it to work.



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I figured it out, thanks for the help everyone!