add vst plug in reaktor

(And2ewcanfield) #1

The plug in manager shows the pre installed plug ins.
Does a path need adding so Native Instruments reactor can also be ran as a plug in?
How are external vst plug in added & located?


(Paul Davis) #2

There is no standard path for the installation of VST plugins on Windows. Ardour’s preferences panel allows you to specify one or more folders where you have them installed.

(And2ewcanfield) #3

I’ve set the path & reactor load. I can see the graphic changing to show the keyboard is connected but there’s no sound.
switch back to the general midi & there is sound…investigating.


(And2ewcanfield) #4

it’s working.
The usb keyboard is selectable as a right click on a midi channel.
It’s not available on a midi+audio channel but adding channel1 allows it run, I think!

(And2ewcanfield) #5

I don’t know the terminology, apologies.
The old sequencer had a midi sequence as a list, I could enter a value to change the preset in the reactor instrument.
Where can I see & edit the midi data?