add panning control to a mono track

Apologies for posting here for an A3 function, some problems with my mail, so can’t access the users list…

What I like to do is adding a panoramic to a mono track, in A3 beta5 13072. can’t figure how, and the page is not helpfull ATM

Thanks for any help !

re: ports - you apparently elected to choose more options for your session, and disabled ardour’s automatic connection of tracks. Ardour would have done exactly what you asked for as you imported each file.

subscriptions are all managed by paypal. they terminate them, suspend them, etc. etc. when it expires, you would need to set up a new one if you wish to continue (which would be very much appreciated).

on ports, to people who may search on the site “connect outputs automatically to master bus” is the option to choose in the “create a new session” dialog box if one will create 2 outputs for a mono file imported in Ardour.

about subscription, have localized the account yet Paul, yes ! and, IMHO, it’s a cool feeling to be a -even if a very small one- part of the incredible human adventure you are working on, and be payed for, here. thanks again to prove that if people comes together they can do a lot more than individually. hope it will give ideas, in other areas…

“mono” is not a particularly useful definition. track i/o is defined by inputs and outputs. any track with 1 input and 2 outputs, which is the common configuration when adding a “mono” track to a session with a 2 channel master, will have a panner. if it does not, then you need to check the i/o count of the track.

Thanks for the quick reply Paul. Sorry I realize details we’re not mentionned in the first post, here they are :

  • have imported those 20 mono audio tracks from an A2 session, it’s 48kHz 32bit floating WAV files.

  • A3 add they as “new tracks” at “session start” mapping “one track per file” with best conversion (none in fact) and copy files to session.

  • in the “tracks and busses” window, every track has 1 output and you can connect it to left and right input of, said a bus.

-have tried many right clics a little everywhere 'round tracks, but can’t find how to add a second audio out :frowning: That’s probably what you suggest w/ say “check the i/o count of the track.” ?


this morning I don’t seen the “add audio port” function in the track editor output right clic pop up… thanks for lead on the good path :slight_smile:

May I abuse & ask if it’s possible to pass this “2 outputs” option when import a mono file (don’t see it in the import dialog box) ? I often will do that (import several WAV tracks to continue the process at home) and it will be nice…

Thanks and a good end of the year !

Oh, by the way, I don’t find this morning on the site how to continue the subscription (it ends this 31). The donate button only purpose a “one shot” donation. Do I have to wait it ends before ??