Add option in mixer plugin button context menu to open all selected

I was wondering if anyone would find the following request useful?
(I apologize if this could already be achieved)

Would it be possible to add an item to the mixer channel plugin buttons context menu to allow the ability to open up all the selected plugin buttons in that channel at the same time?
I see there is an option called “edit with generic controls” which does this for all the generic GUI windows but not one for actual GUIs.

Thank You

Oh, I am surprised I thought others might have been interested in being able to open up more than one effect window at once.
The “edit” item is there but gets grayed out when multiple plugin buttons are selected.

Still interested if anyone has any thoughts about this

I would think one of the benefits of Ardour allowing users to select multiple plugin buttons would be the ability to be able to open up multiple plugin windows this way.
If this is available with the generic plugin windows (which it is), then why would it not be available for the actual GUI plugin windows? Is there are reason for this that I am unaware of that someone could share?

Thank You

You have a point. I can not think of a reason why selecting multiple plugins gives only the “edit with generic controls” and not the (gui-) “edit” option.
I wasn’t aware of that because I never have the need to open all the plugin gui’s at once. With some double clicking on the plugins you can open a lot of gui’s very quickly. Maybe that’s good enough for most users.

Hey, thank you again for agreeing with another one of my requests, I really appreciate it.
Yeah, no other responses so I guess there must be a reason why no one agrees.
Even still, just feels like it should be possible / made available especially because the option to do this with generic plugin GUIs is already available, if not just to make things consistant.
Anyways, thanks again for your responses.

I can see how it would be useful to have that option.

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