Adat to ardour

I would like to transfer 8 chanels form my adat to the computer on a budget. Any ideas on linking lightpipe to my Imac on the cheap?

Is this a one-shot type thing? Do you have a long lasting need for an ADAT input, or do you just have some ADAT tapes to transfer?

If it’s just a one-shot thing, I’d suggest renting or lending something compatible with your OS. If your imac doesn’t have PCMCIA or PCI slots, firewire is probably the only route you can go. If you use Linux, then you need to look at freebob ( altough I’m not 100% sure does it work on power-pc.

The bottom line is that Ardour will work with any device that works with jackd, which in turn works with just about any device your OS supports.

So I guess this means I could theoreticaly use the digi 002 for this?

The OS X version of Jack works with any audio device with CoreAudio drivers.

For information about device support in Linux, see