Activation Question - Windows

I have been using the trial version for the last few days and just subscribed. Ardour keeps going silent and I do not see any way to “activate” the installed version, as is typically done within these type of applications. What is the process … do I need to delete and redownload or am I just not finding the right menu item within the application? Thank you for your help.


Ardour is released under the GPL so the usual “activation key” approach would not be appropriate.

The free/demo version is a totally different download than the “full” version. You need to download the latter, install it and during the install, uninstall the existing free/demo version.

Both downloads have the same name, which means that if you download both within the same browser session, you may end up with both downloads in your Downloads folder. The second one may have a _1 or similar suffix added. People do get led astray by this and just reinstall the free/demo one over and over again.

Where do you download the full version

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