ACM500-series VST3 Plug-Ins, updates for Linux

Applied Computer Music Technologies (developers of the OverTone range of plug-ins) now have updated VST2 and new VST3 versions of their Linux plug-ins available. The ACM500, ACM510, ACM210 and ACM-2A plug-ins are available to download and demo for free at:

In addition to the VST3 releases, V2.1.0 provides some bug fixes and improvements to the VST2 plugins. The ACM series of plug-ins provide a clean modern UI (the perfect antidote to skeuomorphic overload), combined with high quality DSP and low CPU demand.

VST2 Bug fixes:

  • Splash-screen / license entry workaround for KDE.
  • XRandR improves splash-screen / license entry placement on multiple monitor setups.
  • Fixed window icons not showing in dock on Ubuntu / GNOME.
  • Various installer improvements.

Hi Mike!

Congrats and thanks for the new release, as with all your work these are a really versatile set! These demos will be a last minute addition to the upcoming AVL-MXE LiveISO coming very soon!

If there are also OverTone updates please let me know ASAP!

Thanks Glen - it would be great to get these new versions into the latest AVL - there aren’t any other updates due as yet (I continue to work on various things in the background though). Is this the first release of AVL based on MX Linux? I haven’t tried MX but it looks like the ideal platform for AVLinux - I look forward to the AVL-MXE release

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