ACM210X1 Graphical EQ Plug-In for Linux Updated to V3.1.4

The ACM210X1 Graphical EQ plug-in for Linux is a ten band equalizer featuring a comprehensive set of de-cramped analogue modelled filter types, which accurately model the equivalent analogue response, even at low sample rates, without additional latency or CPU intensive upsampling.


New In V3.1.4 - Stereo Placement and Solo


Starting with version 3.1.4, the context info pop-up associated with the active EQ band is now split into two parts. The right-hand side shows information about the frequency, gain and bandwidth settings for the selected band, while the left-hand side contains a toolbar for selecting stereo placement and solo options.

Individual EQ bands can now be assigned to left, right or stereo channels, while the solo option auditions or solos the frequency range associated with the selected band.

Available as VST2, VST3, and CLAP plug-ins, and JACK application. This is a free update for existing users, the latest version of the plug-in is available to download from the ACM210X1 product page


The installation program crashes, I had to drag the files into the folders. VST2 version crashes mixbus 32 c V9 when I press the i button. AvLinux MXE latest

Seems to be working fine here

Weird. However, the plugins seem to work ok now.

I’ll investigate the issue as much as I can - without being able to replicate it here that’s kind of limited though (and this or other forums are not the best place to debug code or product support issues). As you’ll see from the validation report in the download, the plug-in passes a suite of third-party validation tests, and while this is not a guarantee of compatibility, it does stress the plug-in more than normal usage would. As I understand it Mixbus 32c V9 is also quite new isn’t it?

Nice one Mike, thanks for the heads up. These look like good updates to an already brilliant plugin.

Your plugins are fantastic and really help me mix and allow me to continue using old (and somewhat crap) hardware. So thank you.

Yes, Mixbus 32C v9 was released a couple of weeks ago. If anything else comes up, I’ll email you

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