Acid loops and BPM...

Before I take the plunge and spend time fighting Jack to get things working with my M-Audio Mobile Pre and Ardour on Dream Studio 11.10 , I have a quick question:

I use alot of Acid Loops for drums. Can Ardour change the BPM of Acid Loops? I am using Sonar on windows right now and can import the acid loop and adjust the BPM of the loop till I get it whaere I want it, copy and paste and contimue import to build the drum track at the proper BPM before I start tracking. Can this be done with Ardour as well?



Short answer, not like you want it to be no.


Well crap! Thanks for the quick answer on that.

Any other open source software that would let me build the drum tracks like that so I can export the audio and import into Ardour. I am not against running multiple programs to accomplish this.