ACE plugins and their UI


I just watched the YT video about ACE compressor plugin, so I starded Ardour, inserted this plugin, but the UI is very different from the video. In my case UI is minimalistic. I use LV2 version (I don’t know if there are other versions). How to make ACE plugins to look like here:

instead of this:

I believe you have to pay for Ardour to get the ACE Mixbus GUI

The ACE plugins UIs are closed-source, but gratis. They do come with Ardour’s official binary. They also come with the demo version so you could copy the harrison.lv2 folder from there.

see also Strange Ace eq plugin as a-eq in latest ardour release - #2 by x42

Oh! That’s the point :smiley:
I thought some libraries were missing on the system.

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