ACE plugin GUI how to change [solved]

I build 7.4 from source it work fine
but ACE plugin GUI is generic
can i achieve Harrison GUI of ACE plugin with build
because when i install Debian official build of Ardour it has this type of GUI

i know Ardour team dosent support build version
but can you tell me this option can adjust before build or is a locked option for official builds

I don’t remember the build option off hand, but it is not ‘locked’, you can build it from source.

Go to tools/linux_packaging and run ./build --public to create an Ardour bundle including the Harrison ACE GUIs.

If you haven’t run ./waf configure && ./waf build prior it’ll complain a lot about stuff missing but once it’s finished you’ll end up with a that you can unzip to <path-to-your-ardour-install>/lib/ardour7/LV2/

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The Harrison GUIs are closed source. You can however just download the binary or copy it from the Ardour official binary (/opt/Ardour-7.4.0/lib/LV2/Harrison.lv2/).

PS. LV2 plugins allow UIs to be separately distributed from the DSP. ACE plugins do not even need to be modified.