Ace Fluidsynth SoundFont drums and moving session to another os

I routinely work on a session with my friend who is on windows and I’m on Linux. I use ACE Fluidsynth with a SoundFont drumkit. Ardour seems to link the SoundFont into the session and this link breaks when moving the session to another computer since the path to the SoundFont is not the same.

I have tried to overcome this by manually copying the SoundFont on top of the links in the session that Ardour creates for itself but this does not seem to work either, the drums don’t work on my friends computer.

Is there a way to make SoundFont drums work reliably when moving a session to another os ? The best option would be if Ardour asked if I want to copy the SoundFont into the session the same way as it does when importing audio files, but this isn’t possible as far as I know. The SoundFont file is only 69 MB.

I don’t want to record midi to audio because that would be a waste of resources and in principle midi drums work just fine on both platforms.

How are other people handling this ?

Session Archive should do the trick (alternatively zip up the session which resolves symlinks)