Ace Fluidsynth access to CC parameters

Hopefully this will make sense.
I know that Fluidsynth offers many CCs for various parameters.
1.) I was wondering if Ace Fluidsynth allows access to any of these CC parameters that are not available in the Ace Fluidsynth GUI itself? If so how would they be accessed / adjusted?
I have seen other programs offer a matrix of generic knobs for these CC parameters.

2.) While on the subject, I have mentioned this before, am I still correct in saying that Fluidsynth in general does not offer a global ADSR volume envelope that can apply to any soundfont loaded? Like for example if a user wanted to fade in each note played by adjust the Attack time. I have seen that it offers some CCs that have similar ADSR names but they do not appear to do anything, when tried with other programs.

Thank You

The available CCs are listed in the Automation Menu under Controllers (the plugin provides this information to Ardour)

As for changing ADSR, for a sf2, one way is to edit the soundfont itself, e.g. using

Hey Robin, thank you for your response.
Ahh, I was hoping for more of parameters that can be adjusted manually as opposed to being accessed through automation. Same goes for the ADSR, was looking for more of a universal solution, rather than having to edit each soundfont individually.

You are not interested in this, but as mentioned in the past, ALL soundfont players in Linux are based on Fluidsynth, odd because no one ever adds any other parameters offered by Fluidsynth other than just those two effects. Would like more parameters that can alter the sound. It has been said that Fluidsynth offers the following to achieve ADSR
and it also has legato/glide parameters as well, which can be helpful.

All instrument formats / players in Linux go the route of requiring these parameters to be set within each instrument and save new versions of each instrument, which just seems strange to me.

Even if Ardour did allow access to these CC parameters, they would probably have to be in some kind of separate window, which probably would be a little confusing.

Anyways, thank you again for your response